Kygo becomes the world's first EDM artist to waterski behind a large cruiseliner

Check out Kygo waterskiing behind a 170-meter-long ship just outside Bergen in Norway.

With a capacity to carry 1,500 passengers, the ship «Bergensfjord" is among the largest car ferries operating out of Norway. The ship is owned and operated by Fjord Line and runs at a speed of 17 knots in Norwegian coastal waters en route  to Denmark. Along this route is where Kygo and Norwegian TV personality, Harald Rønneberg got their chance to carry out the water ski stunt. 

Kygo loves all kinds of watersports, but the challenge to waterski after a big ship is new to him. The full event will be broadcasted on national TV2 in Norway Monday February 1st  in a new entertainment show hosted by Harald Rønneberg.

Under the name 'Helt Harald' (Totally Harald) Rønneberg dares Norwegian celebrities to take chances and try new things. Kygo is featured in the show’s premiere. If you are in Norway you can watch the show on TV2 at 8 p.m. or access it through Sumo.



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