Kygo is excited for 2022

His schedule is already full, and he promises fans a great year ahead

In 2022 Kygo is planning to do a lot of the things that have been canceled or put on hold in the last couple of years.

However, 2021 turned out to be busier than first expected.

In June last year Kygo did his first show in almost a year and a half when he performed for fans at the legendary open-air amphitheater in Colorado.

He ended 2021 arranging his own Palm Tree Festival in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Check out the video showing an epic drone show during the festival.

This year Kygo will host the largest Norwegian concert thus far in his career at Ullevål Stadium. Tickets were sold out within 10 minutes after they were released, and Kygo is stoked to play in front of 31,000 people in June. Concerts and European festivals as well as in the US are also on the agenda. Stay tuned for the release of further concert dates. 

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Introducing the Palm Tree Music Festival

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Concert sold out in 10 minutes

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Kygo will be playing at Banc of California Stadium

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